Rabbi G’s Movie Recommendations: Food Inc.

I saw the movie, Food Inc., on Sunday night and hope every TBS member will see this very important documentary.  As many of you know I am very active in the Jewish Food Movement and Hazon.org.  This movie shows why this movement has burgeoned in recent years.  There is something deeply wrong with the American food system.  The rise of obesity, the dramatic increase of type 2 diabetes, the homogenization of food products despite the seeming diversity are all features of the food crisis that is growing day by day.  This movie powerfully give visual testimony to the devastation of the mass food industry and is a wake up call to all of us.  Please see it and post your comments to this posting.  

Rabbi G

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  1. Rabbi Gartenberg,

    I noticed that you discussed the film Food Inc. on your blog and I wanted to let you know about a film called Our Daily Bread which I think you would find fascinating. It’s similar to Food Inc. in how it illuminates the horrific reality of industrial agriculture, however; Our Daily Bread is not an advocacy film in the traditional sense. The film communicates its messages using provocative images of places where food is produced by going deep inside the world of high-tech agriculture. Our Daily Bread touches on animal husbandry, labor issues, and the shocking reality of food production with a very distinctive style.

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this. We are an independent company with limited resources, so if our film interests you, I would appreciate it if you could mention it in an upcoming post. If you have any questions about Our Daily Bread or Icarus Films, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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