Volunteer Acknowledgments: Shabbat in the Park

Thanks to Nina Barlevy for coordinating the Shabbat in the Park at Mother’s Beach on June 19th attended by @100 people. Thanks to everyone who brought delicous food to share and good spirit despite the cool weather. We look forward to seeing you on July 24th for our next Shabbat in the Park.

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  1. Suzann Rowe

     /  June 24, 2009

    The first “Shabbat in the Park” was a great success. It was unexpectedly cold, but the warmth of the people and wonderful banquet warmed us all! It was a very different service for me, but it was quite wonderful. The singing of all of us was carried on the cool breezes down the beach for all to hear! Many of us were new to the Shabbat services, but felt welcome and sociable. I look forward to future Shabbats at the Park/Beach and hope even more people will come enjoy the comraderie of the congregation, the fresh air and the delicious potluck dishes. Thanks to Nina for her work in organizing and setting this up and kudos to our Rabbi for his great intuitive sense for what his congregation would enjoy!



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