Bravo Trader Joe’s

An awful group has been in the news recently targeting (and slandering) stores for carrying Israeli products. A difficult challenge has emerged since the end of the recent Gaza War in January of how to counter the numerous boycotts launched against suppliers, vendors, and retailers throughout Europe who distribute or sell Israeli products. A major contributing factor to the difficulty in combating these boycotts was and remains the relatively small Jewish population throughout Europe, as compared to the much larger and growing Muslim population.Very sadly, the tactic employed against Israeli products in Europe has now made its way to the United States, with an eye toward a grocery retailer that many of us patronize, Trader Joe’s. In the United States there is a significantly larger Jewish population then there is in Europe and we now find ourselves in a position to actually be able to make an immediate and POSITIVE impact on Israel’s behalf.

Trader Joe’s has been targeted by anti-Israel groups for boycotts (and picketing) early this summer because of their refusal to bow to pressure by anti-Israel groups who have sought to have the store’s management remove Israeli products from their shelves. The group spearheading this effort nationwide is the BOYCOTT DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGN, a coalition of anti-Israel groups that is based in Pittsburgh, PA. They are working in concert with the Northern-California-based South Bay Mobilization Group.

Together with other groups comprising this sinister coalition that aims to cast Israel as an Apartheid State in the vein of South Africa – a baseless charge that reflects ignorance and, most often, anti-Semitic sentiments, those targeting Trader Joe’s seek to bring harm to Israel’s economy and to tarnish its standing in American public opinion by mobilizing intimidating boycotts in a most offensive manner.

June 20 was their initial nationwide World Refugee Day where their website stated that “We invite you to organize in your community and deshelve, sticker, boycott, and protest the presence of Israeli products!” Fortunately, this first effort did not bare much fruit – The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles covered this story –

Here’s what we can do:

* Learn more about this by reading the report issued on, an Israel-advocacy organization

* Shop at Trader Joe’s – and introduce yourselves to store-managers and to let them know that one of the reasons that you are patronizing their store is precisely because of their principled and courageous determination to continue selling Israeli products. Let them know that you know of many others who feel this way, who might not choose to introduce themselves personally, but who have determined to support Trader Joe’s all the more so because of its decision.

* Wherever you may shop – consider going out of your way to purchase Israeli products and thanking store-managers or proprietors for carrying Israeli products.

* Forward this post to help show how Jews in the USA, unlike in Europe can make a huge difference together on Israel’s behalf. This will strengthen the Jewish community and uphold principles of freedom and decency that strengthen the United States on the whole as well.

Some of this material was derived from StandWithUs, NerTamid, Jewish Journal, Snopes

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  1. Suzann Rowe

     /  August 20, 2009

    Thank you for the posting of this situation. The LTJY class that Rabbi Gartenberg has been teaching has included an in-depth study of anti-semitism and now we see another tactic of its existence is evident in their attack on Trader Joe’s who carries Israeli products.

    I will follow up and contact the group mentioned in your blog to see how, in addition to supporting Trader Joe’s effort to continue carrying Israeli products, I can provide activism against the “hate” group(s) that are cultivating anti-Semitism very close to home.



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