Why I’m a Member

By: Jerry Egherman, John Williams, David Alpern

It constantly amazes us that when we ask people why did you join, they say it’s because they wanted to join a community, yet they rarely if ever appear at community events. It makes us think that it must be hard for them to be a community of one. Our vision for Temple Beth Shalom is to unite the factions, to achieve cohesiveness, and to continue to create and program events that unite the community and draw in our families, friends, guests, and prospective new members.

Each of us spends time to promote vibrant activities that are designed to service our TBS community, while also serving to fortify the Temple’s coffers. Let us review a few tasks that each congregant can do:

* Ask not what your Temple can do for you, but what you can do for your Temple
* When dropping off or picking up your child from Torah School, come inside. Park your car and come in and say hi to other parents
* If you hear of an event, be part of it, such as our Hot Dog BBQ sales that frequently occur as our Sunday school sessions end at noon
* Contribute content to our website, blog, social networks (on Facebook.com and EveryJew.com)
* Attend services when you can
* Pick an area of interest and become active – or start an interest group. You may not realize how many people in the TBS community share your interest(s).

And….feel free to reach out to any of us for support, direction, and ideas. One thing we’ve learned from other large religious organizations is that those that are very large and successful typically can boast that an overwhelming majority of their congregants are involved, and engaged in support and social activities.

John Williams doing Karaoke

John Williams doing Karaoke

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  1. dovmoshe

     /  October 14, 2009

    Nice piece, but not enough. I want to hear a more compelling argument why a person should associate with TBS. What is unique about it. What type of Judaism is expressed here? Does belonging here make me a better person? If so, how?



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