A New Way to Celebrate Hanukkah

On the fifth night of Hanukah a group of TBS members gathered at the We Olive store in Belmont Shores for an adult celebration of Hanukah. We took over the store and setup a long tables with tasting trays.  We lit the Hanukiot in the store and sat down for a Hanukah tour de force.  In honor of the festival and the miracle of the oil, the proprieter, Phil Hughes, gave us a tasting of 8 California Olive Oils.  He described each of the oils and the oil producer, helping us to understand and appreciate the pleasures of olive oil tasting. 

After each tasting we discusses some facet of Hanukah, the history, the traditions, and the meaning.   People shared their own Hanukah memories as well as made connections to the original Hanukah in the land of Israel which is so tied to the olive.  

This was truly a Taste of Hanukah.  All enjoyed the rhythmn of tasting and conversation in the beautiful ambiance of a store surrounded by everything olive.  We thank Phil and We Olive for a memorable Hanukah celebrationAnd we also raised some money for the Temple.

  Here are the oils we tasted and dipped in breads.

First Night:  Bozzano Generations: a light, smooth, and buttery olive oil.

Second Night:  Pacific Sun, Tehama County: a buttery, fruity, low pungency olive oil.

Third Night: Robbins Ascolana dipped in a Chile Dukkah: a high fruit floral with peppery finish.

Fourth Night: Round Pond: a well balanced, light grassy, hint of banana, medium pungency

Fifth Night: Hidden Hills: a bitter oil with high pungency

Sixth Night: Wind Dance: a grassy oil with high pungency.

Seventh Night: Olio Nuevo: Green toasted nuts, medium to high pungency. Picked and pressed a month ago.

Eighth Night: Meyer Lemon: Sofft buttery with a hint of lemon.

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