A Tale of Two Elections: Canvassing in Las Vegas 2008 and 2016 Part 1

This is my second experience campaigning in Las Vegas at the end of a national election.  In 2008 I was living in Southern California and was invited to volunteer  for the Obama campaign in Las Vegas over the last two days of the campaign.  I canvassed and served as a precinct watcher and celebrated the results of the national and the Nevada elections.

This year  I volunteered to campaign in Las Vegas for Hillary Clinton, traveling from Seattle for the last week of the campaign.   I made a much bigger commitment, coming for 8 days and spending that time canvassing neighborhoods in SW Las Vegas.

Both times I joined hundreds of volunteers.  But what a difference eight years makes.  The feeling of each election was completely different.  I would call the 2008 experience the Aspirational Election.  This time I experienced the frenetic energy of the volunteers as the Prophylactic Election.  (I will expand in the next post)

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